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    Jul 6, 2015
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    Age: 21

    Username: Jawmonkey ~ Jaw

    Timezone: GMT

    Availability: I’m on most nights and sometimes days depending on life stuff.

    When did you join our server? Sometime in 2012, October/ September maybe.

    Have you ever been banned or muted? I was banned for just over a year or just under I honestly can’t remember, I think that happened back in 2015, Silly me.

    What is your current rank on our server(s)? Premium

    What knowledge of our plugins do you have? Being on the server for such a long time I’m pretty whizzed up on the majority of them, anything I don’t know I can find/learn easily.

    What skills can you offer to our team? I can make pretty good egg on toast like 50% of the time. Oh and apparently it’s funny when I say peanut butter smh.

    In all seriousness I like to think of myself as a loyal and trustworthy person and sometimes I’m overly optimistic, for example: I’m applying for staff.

    Why should we pick you to be staff? DC was the first server I ever logged onto and what a journey it’s been over the past years, that sounded less cringe in my head but for real I’ve met some great people and I wouldn’t change a thing (apart from the ban maybe), after the amount of time I’ve played here I now feel like I want to be more than just a player, I want to support the server as much as I possibly can.

    Most importantly I can provide players with anything they need much like all the staff members have done for me throughout the years.

    Do you work well in a team or group? Yes, I like to think I’m easy to get along with, I consider myself a friendly person. I also play team games on EU servers, if I can do that I can literally work well in a group with anyone.

    Do you have access to, and are willing to use communication programs, (such as skype, teamspeak, discord, etc) to communicate with us?

    I do indeed. (Rank 1 on our discord just saying)

    Are you familiar with the rules in-game and on the website? I am.

    Do you agree to never ask a staff member to read this application? I agree.
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