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    Jan 28, 2018
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    Age: 15
    Username: Pekka_Rinne35
    Timezone: Central US
    Availability: After 2:45-9:30 PM depending on the day
    When did you join the server: I joined sometime in December of 2014 on a different account, meguralnick
    Banned/Muted: Never
    Current Rank: Voyager; a man's gotta save up
    Plugin Knowledge: I know many of them but I can learn as I go
    Skills and Reason for Consideration: I am constantly active and can help assist those who are new, or old. I will make sure to keep the server active and fun. I want to bring back a taste of the old days. I am easy to talk to and will be mature at all times. Since I am on so much, I have built relationships with many of the members and I can continue to make everyone feel accepted.
    Group or Isolated: I can work proficiently in a group or by myself. Because of my open personality I will work in groups well but I am also independent so by myself as well.
    Communication: I will get discord if it is a must-have but otherwise I use sc. I don't like skype or any other types of media for communication. Email would work as well.
    In-game Rules: I have a good understanding of the online rules and I will make sure to abide by them and enforce them to make each person's experience a genuine one.
    I will never ask a staff member to read this application. I just hope you do consider me for the position of Jr. Mod.
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