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    The Towny Reset is now live! (Note that resetting mid-week will mean less will be on at first, This is so we can fix any game breaking bugs without effecting a lot of people)

    Town Refunds -
    Donator Refunds -

    Most of the suggestions we've recieved were reguarding the economy. It was far too easy to make money off auto farms. There also didn't seem to be a strong thing that was taking money out of the economy. We're trying some new things out this map to combat that.

    Current Changelog:

    - Decreased available income earned from selling farmable materials.
    - Increased Plot Purchase Price (300 to 350)
    - Increased Town Upkeep rate from 2/plot to 5/plot

    (A lot of players are able to create auto farms, earn an insane amount of money, and then they're bored and quit because they have everything fast from doing nothing.) This is to help prevent that from happening.

    - Updated Spawn (Winter Theme)
    - Updated Announcer Messages
    - Updated Hide and Seek Locations
    - Updated Donation NPC
    - Updated Webstore Packages
    - Updated Scratch Cards

    - Added a 4th Vote Link
    - Added Storyline Quests
    - Added Daily Quests
    - Added Tag Color NPC
    - Added Chat Tags NPC
    - Added Tag Shop
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by xNoct, Nov 1, 2017.