BikeCraftWorld (CycleKing) 5 year Anniversary Coming

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    Yup..... November 10, 2017 will mark 5 years i been on DC and first time minecraft online. My nephew Joe called me a day before and the day of Superstorm Sandy in late October 2012. Checking out a few online minecraft servers thathe wanted to tell me about and play on.

    After Superstorm Sandy. I searched on my own and found DestructionCraft on November 10, 2012. While going thru a list of minecraft servers that day.

    I have been with DestructionCraft ever since and never really left. I been going thru some rough times since 2014. Even worse since late 2015.

    I can tell you all the everything what i remembered about DC. I shall wait to November tho. The 5 year anniversary is only less then 2 months away. (smile)

    I miss everyone that i ever met and made friends with on DC.
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    Happy (almost) 5 Years Bike <3