We need all the help we can get, please.

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    Hello everyone.

    My son and I are still around but we are dealing with some major problems at the moment, and we could use your help. In April of 2014, we lost my mother to lung cancer. My father was taking care of her up until her death, even though he was in bad shape himself from degenerative arthritis in his lower back. My father was a US Marine Vietnam Veteran, and things went down hill for him once his lady was gone. They had just celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary, but they had been together for much longer than that, and known each other since childhood.

    My son and I had to move in with my father to care for him as he was no longer able to care for himself, a very hard thing to deal with when you are a stubborn man and a Marine. January of this year, my father joined his angel and both are now without pain anymore.
    Unfortunately, when my father passed, he had no life insurance. His VA and Medicare only covered so much of his medical costs, and we are left with over $13,000 of debt that needs to be covered or probate will take my parents home and auction it off. With the assets remaining, we are still short around $9,500 to pay off the remaining debt.

    My brother has started a gofundme account to help us raise this money so that we can keep our home.
    My son takes care of me because I have so many medical problems of my own. My health would prevent us from staying in a shelter because I would not get the care I need. We have no one living that we can stay with so it is imperative that we try to save my parents home. I am asking anyone that has had a friend or family member serve in the military to help a fellow veterans family in need by posting to any Facebook or other military sites asking my fathers fellow brothers and sisters to help if they can. I can also accept donations through paypal. We have until the end of this month (Sept. 2017) to get these funds together. Anything helps, no matter how small, and keep us in your prayers please. Any and all donations can be made to the following:

    ecole3@yahoo.com for paypal


    Thank you all so very much for your kindness and caring. May God bless and keep you.