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    Lottery is now fixed on Towny/Skyblock/Kingdoms.


    We're now running a new pets plugin! Thank you to all the people who gave feedback. I'll try to do this more often with plugins. Short explaination: The previous plugin broke, and this new one is pretty cool!

    Pet storage is disabled until further testing.

    The following pets have been added to our webstore (http://store.destructioncraft.com)

    Parrot Pet ($3.50)
    Shulker Pet ($5)
    Armor Stand Pet ($7.50)

    Disguises + Disguise GUI

    Now when you type /d or /disguise you'll be prompted with a GUI to select your pet. Normal commands like /d wolf and all still work.

    Parrot Disguise added to Premium+


    Gift Unwrap emote added to Honored+

    Game Box
    Creative has received a bunch of updates to the inventory games! In-game type /gamebox to view all the games. There's now leaderboards and other systems. Some of the new games added include 2048 and Sudoku.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by xNoct, Jul 5, 2017.