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    Towny will be resetting at 2PM EST on 6/1/17.

    Click here for Town Refunds

    Click here for Donator Refunds

    Donator refunds will start on 6/3/17.

    Towny Changes

    • New Spawn
    Includes a built in pvp arena, several leader board areas, and custom utility stalls.

    It's been a few maps without one, so we decided to have an in-spawn arena this time around. The spawn is also in it's own world as suggested by a few members.This will allow us to have more space in the towns world, and also has some ease in terms of cycling the spawn out, or updating it for seasonal events.

    • Switched from Lockette to LWC
    Chests are now automatically protected by Donator+. You can use commands to add players, and even all of your town members if you choose.

    • Added Leader Boards
    We've added some leader board sections to our spawn. The PVP arena will show players with the most kills, as well as the most duel wins.The town area of spawn has a section that shows the top towns & nations, as well as the top players in terms of mcmmo power, quest completion, etc.

    • Blackmarket is now the Outlaw Shop

    We felt like the old God Contracts were cool, but didn't serve enough purpose. We decided to put the [G] tags as a purchase in the Outlaw Shop instead.

    • Updated the "Transporter" NPC
    • Updated the "Donator Information" NPC
    • Updated the /kits GUI
    • Updated the Scratch Cards
    • Updated the Warp System
    • Fixed the Blacksmith NPC
    More information coming soon, Writing this on some short notice.

    Big thank you to all of the staff who spent countless hours testing things with me, and also a huge shout out to @Baethan for his insane armor stand work at spawn. As well as @Kali who along with Baethan built and edited the majority of the spawn.

    Each staff member decorated a house that is their very own, We hope you enjoy stalking all of them.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by xNoct, Jun 1, 2017.