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    Aug 7, 2015
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    Age: 15, turning 16 on the 25th of March.
    Username: Cellaronii_
    Timezone: Central America (Chicago, Minnesota, Etc.)
    Availability: M, T, Th, Fri: 4 pm -10 pm
    Wed: 3-11 pm
    Weekends: All day

    When did you join our server? Sometime in 2012
    Have you ever been banned or muted? Banned twice, first time for a day. Second time for being an idiot with my friend, who I will not name. Both were supposed to be perm but I appealed. I admit, I've been an idiot a lot in the past. But the past is the past, and the time is now. (please somebody tell me you know that reference)
    What is your current rank on our server(s)? Premium.
    What knowledge of our plugins do you have? It would take a long time for me to list, but to get an idea... Pets, better chairs, Armour stand editor, lottery, essentials, essentials spawn, and yea. I'm sure you guys get the idea.
    What skills can you offer to our team? A lot of good server ideas, another dorky weirdo on the team, a new friend(honestly I could use some friends. Especially because of the things I'm going through right now)
    Why should we pick you to be staff? Because I'm kind and helpful. I enjoy hanging with the people on the sever. I also enjoy helping people on the server. I know you've all heard it so many times from people but I love this server so much. Many of the people here have helped me and saved me from depression. I think I should be giving these favors back.

    Do you work well in a team or group? Very well.
    Do you have access to, and are willing to use communication programs, (such as skype, teamspeak, discord, etc) to communicate with us? I have access to all of these and yes, I am willing to use these to communicate with you guys.

    Are you familiar with the rules in-game and on the website?I'm very familiar with them and I agree to follow them like anyone else, for I am not different than the average player when it comes to these things.

    Do you agree to never ask a staff member to read this application? Why would I? It would ruin my chances of ever getting staff. So I won't, no.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.