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By xNoct on Sep 9, 2016 at 9:04 PM
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    We'll be doing 20% off all items in our store in attempt to raise money to purchase advertising.
    If you purchased something within the last few days just private message me on here for compensation.
    School is back for everyone now, and that caused a big hit our player count as it does every year. This campaign will attempt to raise the funds required to purchase an advertising slot.

    As always, If you have a suggestion feel free to post it in our Suggestions forum.

    Thank you to all the loyal players that continue to play here and stick with us through tough times!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by xNoct, Sep 9, 2016.

    1. ernie6999
      There is a lot of different reasons as to why the server is going through a lul in players being active.:( Whatever you think this is one of the best servers out there its not just a server its a community and whilst we may bitch and complain about some players we all have the same idea and thats to have fun. If we all stay and play on DC then the numbers will eventually come back. To those who are back at school well suffer dudes we all gotta do that shit, but.... what is good for you is to jump on DC and have chill time, get away from the books try it! If youre all wondering why im waffling along its because I love DC and love the ppl of DC lets try and support it because the alternative isnt always better.
      PS: No Nick is not paying me or anyway involved in my waffling :)
    2. TubaIsBae
    3. ShrewdUndertoe
      I completely agree with you Ernie but I don't think that this should come before school and education. This is my favorite server/community ever and i really wish more people would join us during the week but your personal life, whether it be family or school, that should always come first.
    4. ernie6999
      Of course Shrewd im just mentioning that its a great way to "Chill" after a hard day at the books thats all
    5. Benny
      We'll bounce back! It's ok!! :D
      Benny = Premium in the near future! :)
    6. Eclipsinz
      thanks for sale