Vote for rewards!

Vote Link #1 Vote Link #2 Vote Link #3Vote Link #4

Vote and recieve ingame cash, tokens, vote keys, and more!

After clicking "Vote" leave each link up for a few seconds to be safe!

How to vote:
1.) Click each of the above links.
2.) Enter your full user name where it asks.
3.) Solve the puzzle or captcha.
4.) Click the vote button

Top Voters:
Each month the top voters will receive the following prizes:
1st Place - 20$ Store Credit
2nd Place - 15$ Store Credit
3rd Place - 10$ Store Credit

Milestone Rewards:
If you hit the following number of votes in a month:
1 Vote: 150$ + 1 Token
30 Votes: Uncommon Crate Key
60 Votes: Rare Crate Key

Voting FAQ:
It says I already voted, How come?
Make sure nobody else is voting on your IP address, and make sure it's been 24 hours.

I voted, but didn't get my money?
Make sure you logged onto all of our servers at least once.
Also make sure you enter your user name properly.

One of the vote links aren't loading!
They might be having issues, I can not control it. Be patient.

My question was not answered here.
Feel free to message a staff member with your question.