Congratulations to the top voters for the month of April!

1st Place - zesk129
1st Place - icewar55
2nd Place - DrewSan
2nd Place - craftingbuddy
3rd Place - PossessedDemon
3rd Place - BlizzardDuk

Runner Up -

1st Place - 20$
2nd Place - 15$
3rd Place - 10$
Runner Up(s) - Rare Key

Winners will have to message me to let me know what they would like credited to their account.

To keep things clean and fair, if you have more than the possible amount of votes for the month, you will be disqualified from the rankings.
Happy Easter!

Everything on our webstore will be 15% off until 4/24!

Redeem your free /kit easter from 4/15 to 4/17!

If you made a purchase within a few days of this sale, please pm me for compensation.