Congratulations to the top voters for the month of June!

1st Place - PurpleRakl
2nd Place - bucklebreaker123
3rd Place - ShadowX713
3rd Place - zesk129
3rd Place - DrewSan

Runner Up -

1st Place - 20$
2nd Place - 15$
3rd Place - 10$
Runner Up(s) - Rare Key

Winners will have to message me to let me know what they would like credited to their account.

To keep things clean and fair, if you have more than the possible amount of votes for the month, you will be disqualified from the rankings.
Lottery is now fixed on Towny/Skyblock/Kingdoms.


We're now running a new pets plugin! Thank you to all the people who gave feedback. I'll try to do this more often with plugins. Short explaination: The previous plugin broke, and this new one is pretty cool!

Pet storage is disabled until further testing.

The following pets have been added to our webstore (

Parrot Pet ($3.50)
Shulker Pet ($5)
Armor Stand Pet ($7.50)

Disguises + Disguise GUI

Now when you type /d or /disguise you'll be prompted with a GUI to select your pet. Normal commands like /d wolf and all still work.

Parrot Disguise added to Premium+


Gift Unwrap emote added to Honored+

Game Box
Creative has received a bunch of updates to the inventory games! In-game type /gamebox to view all the games. There's now leaderboards and other systems. Some of the new games added include 2048 and Sudoku.

Happy 4th of July!

Everything in the webstore will be 15% off from 7/1 to 7/10 ​