Reset date is 2PM EST on December 2nd, 2016.

Below is what we plan to do from now until the Towny reset. For those who are new this should give you an idea of what's going on, And if this isn't your first reset you'll notice that this is a little different.

✓ = completed

  • December 1st - Towny will be taken offline. ✓
  • December 1st - Network will be updated to offical 1.11. ✓
  • December 2nd - Towny will launch.
  • December 2nd - Town Refund Request will be available.
  • December 5th - Donator Refund Request will be available.

If you plan to take screenshots of the map, or blow up your town, you'll have to do it a day earlier. We have to take Towny offline since we're not going to update it to 1.11 to allow it to work with the rest of the server, We're just going to upload the new Towny and wait the day.

Stay tuned for the Refund posts as they will be a tad different as well.
Everything on our Webstore will be 20% off from Nov 24th to Dec 7th!

If you made a purchase within the last few days please contact me for compensation!

Store Additions:

  • Spawners

Spawners are back on the store! These seem to still be compliant so long as we have alternatives, we have several warps that are gracious enough to have public spawners available to anyone.


Note: These pets will be live on the server by December 1st, But you can purchase them early if you don't mind waiting, but that's entirely up to you. I added them now so I don't have to when the next map launches.

  • Vex Pet ($2.50)
  • Vindicator Pet ($4.00)
  • Evolker Pet ($4.00)
  • Llama Pet ($5.00)

Thank you all for your continued support! Happy Holidays :D
Towny will be resetting on December 2nd!
The life of the Towny map is officially coming to an end. Next map we will be refreshing some things that haven't been touched, as well as fixing some of the new systems that were introduced in the current map. Stay tuned for a change log! We hope to see you return on the 2nd.


We have a public discord server to replace our team speak server, If you'd like to join it, simply log into the server and ask any staff member!

Note: If you don't even play the server don't expect to get approved on the discord, It's for our active players <3