Happy Valentines Day!
Enjoy 15% off our webstore from 2/13/16 to 2/16/16!
If you donated within the last few days feel free to
message me for compensation.

Also remember to redeem your /kit valentinesday for a fun story + gifts!​
During the last creative update, I hinted towards us adding an additional plot world. Originally it was going to be 256x256, but I decided on 300x300 plots.

There are now two seperate creative worlds.

Creative Alpha - 300x300 Plots (Logged)
Creative Bravo - 150x150 Plots (Not Logged)

Upon joining creative, you'll be in the new alpha world. You can just /plot home or whatever to go back to the Bravo world, or just do /warp bravo.

At this time, claiming is disabled in the old world (Why would you want a smaller plot?)

Creative Bravo will remain here for many more months, However it's recommended that you transfer over any builds you really care about to the new world.

Questions and Anwsers:

1.) Do I get all my plots in each world?
A: Yes you do.

2.) Did I lose any plots?
A: No you didn't.

3.) Can you help me move my constructions?
A: Sure! Just be patient and ask and I'll get to it.
Just a quick update regarding our forums and webstore.

* Webstore Overhaul

I've updated http://store.destructioncraft.com with new information.
[New background, New Top Donator Module]

* Forum username changing is now fixed and working.

Simply click your name at the top right hand corner of the screen.
Then directly under your profile picture click "Change Username"

It should go without saying that impersonation will lead to a forum ban.
Please refer to our Website Rules for more information.