No, I didn't reset the creative world... However we will be adding an ADDITIONAL 256x256 plot world within the next few days.

Let's jump right into what is new!

Faster plot clearing.
No more missing commands..
Four tiers of plot allowance (Owner, helper, trusted, denied)
Plot entry notifications
Per plot time, weather, and music


/plot delete
Deletes the plot you are standing on so you can claim another.

/plot rate [#|next]
Rate a players plot on a 1-10 scale, will be an average from multiple people.

/plot set (biome, alias, home, flag, main, floor, air, all, border, wall, outline, middle)

Ex: Change your floor to stone with /plot set floor 1.

/plot flag (set, remove, add, list, info)
Ex: Disable fly for a role play with /plot flag set fly false.

/plot tp <alias|id>
Teleport to a plot with a username, id, or plot alias.

/plot trust <player>
Permanently allows a player to build on your plot.

/plot untrust <player>
Disallows a player to build on your plot.

/plot add <player>
Allows a player to build on your plot til you log off.

/plot music
Set the plot music!

/plot setdescription
Set the description for your plot!

/plot chat on|off
Toggles your plot's chat!
Congratulations to the top voters for the month of December! But wait, there's more than 3!

1st Place - sweetkitty30 (89 votes) (15$ Store Credit)
2nd Place - Pale_Rider_IX (81 votes) (10$ Store Credit)
3rd Place - tomtomtom09 (80 votes) (5$ Store Credit)
4th Place - BigJado
5th Place - JellyBirdTheFish
6th Place - wisejw
7th Place - TheDiamondMummy
8th Place - Dat_Cuban_Kid
9th Place - dimasandul
10th Place - Kick_Deer

Winners have 48h to message me for their prize.
We're changing things up for the rest of 2016!

1st Place - 15$ Store Credit
2nd Place - 10$ Store Credit
3rd Place - 5$ Store Credit
4th-10th Place - Rare Vote Key

- Every 30 Votes receive a Uncommon Vote Key!
- Every 60 Votes receive a Rare Vote Key!

If you have over the max amount of votes (93) you will not receive the prize! Furthermore If you have more than 3 votes a day, you will not receive the prize.