We're planning to reset Towny on November 1st!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for next map, please let us know! The best place to do this is on our discord (type /discord in-game). However the forums are still a good outlet to express your thoughts.
Congratulations to the top voters for the month of September!

1st Place - tomtomtom09
1st Place - kick_deer
2nd Place - ChelbyRose
3rd Place - pipi31415

Runner Up -

1st Place - 20$
2nd Place - 15$
3rd Place - 10$
Runner Up(s) - Rare Key

Winners will have to message me to let me know what they would like credited to their account.

To keep things clean and fair, if you have more than the possible amount of votes for the month, you will be disqualified from the rankings.
Hey everyone,

Our new and improved KitPvP server is now available for beta testing.
There has been a large demand to bring it back so with all the support I decided that it would be worth giving it another chance.

* New Map
* New Kit Selector Pads
* New Leaderboards (Kills, Deaths, Top Streak, Current Streak, Top Level)
* New Random Teleporter
* Replaced God Apples with Heal Potions
* Pre-1.9 Cooldowns, Blocking, Weapon Damage and Armor Strength Reversions. Off-Hand is disabled. (Previously only hit cooldowns were removed)
* Player Bounties
* "Painter" NPC (Purchase armor and chat colors with in-game currency)
* Players can now vote for money/tokens and actually have a use for it.
* New Crates (Angel & Demon) - Each crate offers unique armor colors, chat titles, chat prefixes, and more.
* /battleprefix (Change the color of your level in chat)

A couple of extra's:
* New Refill Stations (not available in the beta)
* Money is earned from leveling up / killing (Not available in the beta)

In our previous kitpvp servers, there was never really a progressive feel. Everything was already available (and the selection of what *was* available was very limited).
So for this time around, we're going to let players unlock special and unique armor colors, chat titles, battle colors, and a bunch more.

Remember, this is still beta so a lot is subjected to change. We may tweak the armor enchants, as well as the sword enchants based on feedback.
One thing for certain that needs to be tested is how fast players rank up, During the beta I might have to reset levels if we find that it's too easy to level. Just a heads up.