Happy Halloween!

Everything in our webstore will be 20% off from 10/26 to 11/9!

We've also revamped some webstore categories and packages, check it out at http://store.destructioncraft.com (Kits re-added, Cosmetics/Chat Cosmetics are now the same tab)

We appreciate your continued support throughout the years :)
We're planning to reset Towny on November 1st!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for next map, please let us know! The best place to do this is on our discord (type /discord in-game). However the forums are still a good outlet to express your thoughts.
Congratulations to the top voters for the month of September!

1st Place - tomtomtom09
1st Place - kick_deer
2nd Place - ChelbyRose
3rd Place - pipi31415

Runner Up -

1st Place - 20$
2nd Place - 15$
3rd Place - 10$
Runner Up(s) - Rare Key

Winners will have to message me to let me know what they would like credited to their account.

To keep things clean and fair, if you have more than the possible amount of votes for the month, you will be disqualified from the rankings.