Congratulations to the top voters for the month of April!

1st Place - 25flapper
1st Place - NinjaHawk44

2nd Place - AlexEnglish
3rd Place - crashmonkey1

4th Place - Edge_Gamer
5th Place - JEGHatton14
6th Place - T_Virus4
7th Place - Cake_Lady
8th Place - PurpleRakl
9th Place - TBA
10th Place - TBA

Winners have 48h to message me for their prize.

For the month of May, we will be increasing the prizes you get! However, with this change, we will no longer allow alternative accounts to tie and receive the prices. We're letting it slide this month however, but for May alt accounts will no longer receive the 1st-10th place prizes. You're still able to vote on them however, you just won't receive the top voter prize.

Note: The prizes below are only for the month of May (next month)!

1st Place - 20$ Store Credit
2nd Place - 15$ Store Credit
3rd Place - 10$ Store Credit
4th-10th Place - Uncommon & Rare Vote Keys

- 30 Votes receive a Uncommon Vote Key!
- 60 Votes receive a Rare Vote Key!

If you have over the max amount of votes (93) you will not receive the prize! Furthermore If you have more than 3 votes a day, you will not receive the prize.